Today I heard that one of my all-time favorite high school students died from a motorcycle accident. I was invited to the funeral. But what do you say to his family? To his wife & son? The only solace I can find is in knowing that when I taught over the last 29 years, I never denied my faith. People have to choose for themselves whether or not to believe and WHO to believe in.  I have chosen to believe in the only one who ever loved me enough to die for me, sins and all, Jesus Christ.  And I hope you’ve made that decision, too. Our time on this earth is short – he was in his 20’s – but eternity is forever. Decide where you want to live it and follow Him there!

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Summer Project

We’ve been painting our house, inside and out, which has taken the past 7 weeks… and we STILL aren’t quite done! But the heat of the sun has just about “done us in!” I suggest painting interior or exterior, but not both at the same time!

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Submitted for Review

This past Aug. 2nd, Dan & I submitted my recording of the 3rd and last book of the Alexa Silven trilogy, Bulletproof Wedding: An Alexa Silven Finale, to  They are quite particular and it usually takes close to 10 days to get your recording approved. The first two books, “Consuming Fire” and “Murder by Design” are already available on Check them out!

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