Writer’s Block

Running out of ideas, or never coming up with the perfect ones can be daunting. Truth is, writing isn’t as easy as some may erroneously think. But if you’ll consider your purpose for writing, it should help you get on the right track. For instance, if you want to entertain your audience, think of irony as the master of irony, O. Henry, taught us in The Ransom of Red Chief. Maybe take time to read it; after all, it’s a really short story. If you want to teach or inform, consider what would be the most important thing for you to share. If you want to persuade, then what is so important to you that others should understand? Maybe even decide you’re right? Go to the webbing chart I posted earlier and start kicking around some ideas. I heard that Marjorie Rawlings was rejected by publishers until one of them challenged her to write »

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