A Movie for the Love of Writers

Just got to tell you about The Man Who Invented Christmas – one great movie! Don’t care much for the title; never thought of Christmas as an invention – more of a blessed and miraculous event, actually. However, this movie is able to show the amazing dynamic of the interaction between the author and his characters as they take on a life of their own. And it’s true; once they become believable – come alive – their personalities begin to drive their behavior and this begins to drive the progression of the plot. Sometimes, it’s like the writer has to buckle in and go along for the ride as the characters develop the storyline (which the writer has determined) in their own style.

If you get a chance to see this movie, don’t hesitate! And if there are any writers reading this – you’ll love the truth as writers see it – for showing the writer’s perspective in creating a story is something rarely done in movies. I’ll be trying to see this one again!!


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