Book Give-away!

Thanks to everyone who claimed your free book! Enjoy reading & remember that books 2 & 3 of the Alexa Silven trilogy are only $.99 on iTunes, BN, & Amazon – or, go to and view & order all 6 of our novels. All 3 books of this trilogy are available on!!

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Social Media Quirks

Social Media – it’s definitely taking over! Trying to become efficient on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is a bit trickier when you have a business approach. AND when you are someone who doesn’t like social media because of all the negative comments, it’s pretty hard to warm up to the need to master these sites. Prayer definitely needed here!

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New Book on

Just got this great news from We are happy to confirm that your audio updates to “Consuming Fire: An Alexa Silven Novel ” is now live! The audio has been updated on the live channels of Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Existing customers can access the new audio by re-downloading their book. ACX isn’t a live channel that customers can access to purchase your audiobook and so the audio won’t be updated on your production page at this time.

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California Radio Interview

cid:0F12CE55-965C-468E-B81F-A9089062ECFB/ This is the link to the first 1/2 of my interview with Casey Freelove, Host/Production Director of FM 104.5/AM and 950 KAHI Radio! And what a great host he was! Below is the link to the second 1/2 of our interview. I am grateful to God for each and every door that He has opened and is opening! cid:AF3D8550-C32A-43B3-B414-BF1A4B9AC459/  

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Appearance with John Favoli of WPTV in West Palm Beach

Wow! Things surely happen fast! Got a call at 8 AM yesterday that I had to travel down to West Palm Beach (3 hours south) to appear on a live segment of WPTV channel 5. Mr. Favoli was Check out the link below and let me know what you think of my first live TV interview!! West Palm Beach native authors new book Author C.B. Hoffmann and West Palm Beach native speaks about her new novel from the Alexa Silven Trilogy. 

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Social Media Marketing

Bulletproof Wedding: An Alexa Silven Finale

Gottta be truthful here! I really am not accomplished in this department… I’d rather be writing and I feel very comfortable sitting on my sofa, churning out the characters and stories and painting pictures in the reader’s mind. Social media is actually pretty hard for me… I’d rather be looking at the person I’m talking to, face-to-face. I prefer getting to read facial expressions and body language. You know, sometimes what you write on the phone, emails, or in social media is misunderstood because the reader can’t hear your voice and inflections. Words on paper seem so antiseptic and disconnected from warmth and familiarity. Guess I’m never gonna change my opinion, but I have to learn to get connected on social media because we need to promote our books – a new genre in literature, Christian suspense/thriller murder mysteries. Think about that one for a while! AND CHECK THEM OUT »

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