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Just got this great news from We are happy to confirm that your audio updates to “Consuming Fire: An Alexa Silven Novel ” is now live! The audio has been updated on the live channels of Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Existing customers can access the new audio by re-downloading their book. ACX isn’t a live channel that customers can access to purchase your audiobook and so the audio won’t be updated on your production page at this time.

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California Radio Interview

cid:0F12CE55-965C-468E-B81F-A9089062ECFB/ This is the link to the first 1/2 of my interview with Casey Freelove, Host/Production Director of FM 104.5/AM and 950 KAHI Radio! And what a great host he was! Below is the link to the second 1/2 of our interview. I am grateful to God for each and every door that He has opened and is opening! cid:AF3D8550-C32A-43B3-B414-BF1A4B9AC459/  

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Photo of Segment with WPTV

This was my first TV interview, conducted by News Anchor John Favoli, on 4/4/18 in their WPTV channel 5 studios. To view the entire video segment, click on this link: Only God can open doors no man can close – Praise His holy, powerful, & magnificent name!

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Appearance with John Favoli of WPTV in West Palm Beach

Wow! Things surely happen fast! Got a call at 8 AM yesterday that I had to travel down to West Palm Beach (3 hours south) to appear on a live segment of WPTV channel 5. Mr. Favoli was Check out the link below and let me know what you think of my first live TV interview!! West Palm Beach native authors new book Author C.B. Hoffmann and West Palm Beach native speaks about her new novel from the Alexa Silven Trilogy. 

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Can’t Wait!

It’s my first paperback version of my book, Consuming Fire: An Alexa Silven Novel 4th Edition. I really appreciate Amazon making it available in paperback format. And soon, it will be available on Whichever you choose, you’ll find it unique and action-driven, minus the cursing, gratuitous sex, and drugs or alcohol. You don’t need them. This book is for real. Try it out!

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Readers Have Rights, Too!

When working on my master’s degree, I had the opportunity to hear a speech by a famous YA literature author, specializing in initiation stories for middle schoolers. The majority of his stories are outdoor adventures, but one of his well-known stories begins with a scene he said he refused to allow his children to read. That was in 1996, and I’m still wondering… how could anyone write something he/she wouldn’t allow his own children to read but then have it published for other people’s children to read? I personally disagree with that philosophy. I won’t write anything I’d be ashamed of any of my past students reading, let alone my own children. I think that as your reading audience, everyone’s children should be as important to you as your own. What gives a writer the right to use people’s minds as dumpsters?

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Consuming Fire is ALIVE!!

The very first book, Consuming Fire: An Alexa Silven Novel, needed updating! So much technology in it, that it required updating to keep up with today’s newest developments and improvements… just like computer scientists who need to stay current with the newest programming languages.  So, this announces that the 4th version of this Consuming Fire novel is now available on Amazon, iTunes, and BN. A new feature with Amazon is that it is not only available as an ebook, but is now also available in printed paperback format. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book, a labor of love by Dan and me – and we are satisfied this version is “New & Improved” – a must-read! The book should be released soon! Stay tuned for updates!

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Revisions—Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Write Without Them

Consuming Fire: An Alexa Silven Novel cover artwork

New Edition – First Book! It’s funny – I just wasn’t satisfied with my first novel. I mean, the plot and characters were good, but something bothered me. After writing 5 other books and rereading the first novel, Consuming Fire: An Alexa Silven Novel, I finally realized how I could revise it – there were a few “loose ends” – connections that I took for granted the reader understood – which I always told my students NOT to do. I used to remind them that the reader is not inside your head… Right! So taking my own advice, I set out to rewrite it and with the help of my partner/son, Dan, we did just that!! WOW! It was worth all the effort, too. Soon, it will be posted online as the 4th Edition, in place of the original text, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s a great feeling to be completely »

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Social Media Marketing

Bulletproof Wedding: An Alexa Silven Finale

Gottta be truthful here! I really am not accomplished in this department… I’d rather be writing and I feel very comfortable sitting on my sofa, churning out the characters and stories and painting pictures in the reader’s mind. Social media is actually pretty hard for me… I’d rather be looking at the person I’m talking to, face-to-face. I prefer getting to read facial expressions and body language. You know, sometimes what you write on the phone, emails, or in social media is misunderstood because the reader can’t hear your voice and inflections. Words on paper seem so antiseptic and disconnected from warmth and familiarity. Guess I’m never gonna change my opinion, but I have to learn to get connected on social media because we need to promote our books – a new genre in literature, Christian suspense/thriller murder mysteries. Think about that one for a while! AND CHECK THEM OUT »

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