Finding the Right Filming Location

We tried for three weeks to procure a church building, with stained glass windows, that would match the description in the first chapter of Consuming Fire: An Alexa Silven Novel. We planned to film the action scene from the first chapter. This was no small endeavor as most churches wanted to have a board meeting to decide. And then, there was the problem that none of windows were quite what we wanted. Meanwhile, our timing was crucial as both of our actors were only available for a couple of weeks. Dan motivated all of us to keep searching.

On the last day before our planned shoot, we prayed and finally approached a church I’d previously disregarded, Grace Presbyterian Church in Winter Springs. For the first time, we pulled into their dirt parking lot, past the crew that was removing trees damaged by Hurricane Irma, and to the back of the church where we noticed a parked truck. Elder Dan came out to greet us and we pitched our request to film at their church. He said he’d pass it on to the pastor for approval, though our deadline was for close to 5 PM the next day. We were getting into our car to leave when we noticed a large white truck sitting near the work crew and Elder Dan walking out to it. It was the PASTOR! He spoke with us and agreed and the film was on!

It turned out to be the best and most appropriate setting of all the churches we’d considered! And the film is REALLY GOOD!! Check it out:  and let us know what you think!

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