Gun Range

CB & Dan at the gun range

How ironic?! I write murder mysteries about a female assassin with a Glock, who uses hollow point bullets –  but I don’t like guns. Emille and Dan took us to a gun range in Orlando and everyone enjoyed shooting at the hanging target. That is,  everyone but me. I shot the Glock 9mm only a couple of times and that was totally sufficient for me. Even with earmuffs, it’s too loud. I would definitely need more practice to hit the bullseye, because though I thought I was aiming directly at the bullseye, with the recoil, I don’t think I even hit an outer ring. It’s a good thing my main character in the Alexa Silven novels is a sniper who qualified for the Olympics… boy, imagination is great!

CB at the gun range


CB at the gun rangeCB & Dan at the gun range

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