Our First Live-Action Film

I never knew filming could be so much fun! But the people you’re working with make a major impact! Thanks to Dan, my partner and son, who came up with the idea, organized the actors and crew, filmed it, and edited the film later. Good place to comment that filming seems a lot more fun than editing. This man really worked hard and I love the results! I also want to thank his wife, Emille, who played Alexa Silven and his friend, Danny, who played the role of the cop. He added an air of authority and that made the action so authentic, I was glad I wasn’t the person he was looking for! And of course, Pastor Kim Payne of Grace Presbyterian Church (gracearp.org) made the filming possible by graciously providing the beautiful church. Mike Kuzenka, from Valencia State College film program, was instrumental with the wealth of knowledge we learned in his Intro. to Film Production class. If you’re interested in any aspect of filmmaking, his class is a great place to start – and we give him a 5-star rating!

I hope you’ll watch this short film, enjoy it, and post a comment for us on YouTube. Happy viewing!

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