So grateful…

Video still from "Consuming Fire: An Alexa Silven Novel" by C.B. Hoffmann

My whole family, husband John, and sons, Dan and Mark, have been supportive and helpful in producing our first film clip. Truly a family effort:

Dan suggested the film, directed it, filmed it, edited it, and posted it on UTube. WOW!!

Mark, struggling with a badly strained set of tendons in his right foot, managed to take care of the lighting, nonetheless.

John filmed Dan filming the clip. Hmmm…. bloopers and out-takes are both fun and essential!

Dan’s wife, Emille, played the main character and showed true acting ability.

Our good friend, Danny Perri, gave us his acting debut as a city cop…. actually, he’s a state trooper so he was a natural!

I’m grateful to each of you and I want to go on record as saying so!!! Love to you all!

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