Writing with Purpose!

  It’s true, you know? Writers must write. We see people and events as story ideas and it never seems to end. The unending story belongs to writers with imagination and determination to write the best story God has placed within them. But if that’s the only purpose to writing – to write your best possible novel – what is your reward? Isn’t that rather personal and a bit solitary? Oh sure, some people will enjoy it, and maybe that’s enough for the writer. But that’s not enough for this writer. I want people to enjoy my books, sure! But I want it to inspire their lives, first and foremost. I want people, especially my readers, to know that their sins and grievous wrongs will not keep them from the love of God. Repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation are the main themes of my books. Why? Because they are the main themes of my own life.

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