Countdown: 1 Day


Today, we had to help process all the Seniors who’ve returned to settle any debts or obligations before being allowed to walk. I handled the request forms for final transcripts. Good to see them one last time. Monday was Memorial Day and today is my final day as an OCPS teacher. I volunteered to substitute for a teacher who suddenly rushed to the hospital with contractions. I know she’s more than ready to have that baby. It was wonderful to meet her students – they’re AP (advanced placement)- and so polite and interesting. One of the best principals I’ve ever known just came in and placed a bracelet on my arm. I’ll cherish it. Acts of kindness should be cherished, especially in this world of insanity.

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Countdown: 2 Days


OK, it’s official now – the Seniors are gone and I’m stuck here submitting grades. Even a bad day with them is more fun than this. It feels good, though, seeing how many of them are really graduating (all of mine) and mostly all of others’ classes. Good job.

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Countdown: 3 Days


Third and last day for Seniors. The Administration has created an inflatable version of the fair scene at the end of “Grease.” I’m manning the inflated Olympic Sports station. Three hours in the Florida sun wearing a Gator baseball cap and drinking a bottle of water. Watching them, stuffing it all in my memory for future recall. Things I don’t want to forget. Three days to go.

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Countdown: 4 Days


Second day of final exams so I don’t see every class every day. It’s hard to realize that I’ll not only be losing them to graduation, but I’ll be parting with the last classes of my high school teaching career. Sadness mixed with anticipation… what a mixed up mess inside my heart. In many ways I’m experiencing the same things they are. We’re all getting out of high school! Think of it as graduation day for me, too! Four days to go.

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Countdown: 5 Days


The last week before I leave 29 years of teaching. What I’ll miss the most are these great kids. Sure, they make me crazy sometimes but no one’s perfect… including me. Today, there’s a lot of “no one’s perfect” floating around here. They’re Seniors and these are their last 3 days of high school. It’s next to impossible to expect them to stay focused on anything but graduation. Me? Their excitement is catching. It’s getting harder to stay focused for me, too. But somehow, I can’t let them know that. Five days to go.

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