Quality has no Age

It’s not the 50+ yr.-old cabin that’s the most alluring reason for coming to Harper’s Ferry, WVA. It’s that my husband, John, both sons (Dan & Mark), and Dan’s wife (Emille) are here for the few precious days we have to clean all these windows and back deck, fix the broken down front fence posts, and clean out the weeds in the front yard. Sounds just about as unexciting as it is, I’m sure. But it has been exciting to see all this get done in just two days. Man, this crew can work like lightning! Everyone worked hard from sunup to sundown two days straight. Emille worked right alongside the guys and it was so impressive to watch them, like a well-oiled machine. Me? I cleaned the munge from the deck railings and took care of the cooking and cleaning. We weren’t working alone because John’s brother Steve, wife »

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Journey to Metus…

8/15… Writing a Sci-Fi is proving to be a serious challenge, even for my imagination. But it’s  unforgettable excitement writing it with Dan and getting intellectual critiques and suggestions from Mark. When these two guys say they like the storyline, I know we’ve got something worth writing… and reading! And that makes it worth the brain strain.

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