A Fan Asks About Marketing:

Image of studio microphone with spotlights shining on it for CB Hoffmann's marketing blog post.

Hello! You pose many interesting propositions about science and humanity. I agree that campfires were probably the first TV’s (of sort) — in that people communed around them, and did you know — before literature was written, the folktales and tales of heroic valor (re: King Arthur, Beowulf, etc.) were told and ballads were sung and embellished, probably around campfires, as well as in the courts of the kings. Your book sounds interesting. These are the marketing strategies we have used and we have been getting radio and podcast interviews (& 1 TV interview last week). Maybe you should try the following:

1. Creating your own media database (look up college & other radio stations & record their pertinent info. into a Google database. Include phone #, location, email address, names of talk show hosts & producers, address, etc.) Create a column for recording when you contact them & their response — contact every other week until you get a response but try calling first, then emailing).

2. Create an eye-catching email and address each person by name.

3. State in your email how your book is a hot issue — a new finding not yet acknowledged by science. If you can create a debate around the content of your book, you’ll be in demand on radios & TV.

4.Consider using RadioGuestList.com; they promote you to radio & podcast talk show hosts; or, do a web research on the various promotion companies and their fees. We know a British podcaster who is looking for authors to interview:  segilola@segilolasalami.co.uk (London). Tell her CB & Dan Hoffmann said “hi!”

5. Go on social media every day, or however many days you can, especially Facebook & Twitter and take pictures of your online book cover and post it on Instagram (include the hashtags of groups that would be interested in your book or that you’re an author).

 6. Check the price of your book — is it reasonable (and for a first-time author, remember)

 7.  Stay in touch with us on cbhoffmann.com/howto as we’ll soon post more free pdf’s on website design and development, photography, and marketing & promotion. Please go to cbhoffmann.com/connect and “connect” with us so we can inform you when new “how to” postings are added!

 8.  Have you got a website? Compare your site with others, noting whether any key points are missing, graphics used, etc.

 9.  Last of all, check out a PR specialist: RadioSuzy@RadioSuzy.com who creates press releases and contacts radio show hosts to have you booked on their show!

Thank you for contacting us and we really like to help.