Self-Improvements Don’t Come Easy

An amazing thing is happening. I asked the Father to help me change according to His will. I’m discovering Him as a counselor, the best! It’s encouraging to know He cares this much and He is answering my prayers… and it all begins with me. This is what I’ve learned so far:

*    Though I thought I’d forgiven my husband and in-laws many times over the years, I wouldn’t still be struggling with these memories and emotions if I had really forgiven them.
*    Forgiveness is not a matter of choice and it’s not based on whatever offense you’ve suffered. It’s a command and for those who want to deepen their relationship with Christ, it’s not just a command, it becomes the deepest desire of your soul to obey Him.
*    It is obedience I’m being taught. Obedience in forgiving, despite any wounds or offenses suffered, and obedience in walking in love, even when you are not loved by others. I believe that translates to becoming more like Christ, which is also a command for Christians, not just a suggestion.
*     Disciplining the flesh and the emotions is causing me to humble myself and to “lean not unto my own understanding but in all my ways to acknowledge Him so that He will make straight my path…” (paraphrased).
*    Finally, He is sending me instruction from many directions and from Kay Arthur I’m hearing about speaking the truth – but ONLY in love. I’ve known this before now but it’s becoming an emphasis, another command. I’ve focused on God’s promises and that’s been a source of comfort and hope, but now I’m being directed to a new focus on His commands. And I’m realizing that many things I’ve regarded as suggestions are actually commands.
*    Obedience requires that I follow His commands, not just trust in His promises.
*    My relationship with Christ is being kicked up a notch and it’s hinging on obedience in forgiving and loving, no matter what.
You know what? It’s not easy but He’s with me, every step of the way!

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