We’re Making a Movie!!

I took a course in Introduction to Film Production at Valencia Community College this past Fall. It was an excellent overview and the teacher was very knowledgeable; I do recommend it if this is where your interest lies.

Actually, one of the best aspects of taking this course was the knowledge my son, Dan, and I gained that will prove beneficial this coming Wednesday night! We will be filming a 5-minute clip of the action scene in the first chapter of my first book, Consuming Fire: An Alexa Silven Novel.

Alexa Silven will be played by Dan’s wife, Emille, and a friend of Dan’s, who is in law enforcement, will play the investigating officer. This scene is intense but simple. Alexa has assassinated a man in the Oscarton Arts District of Texas. She has slipped away to an abandoned church where her twisted blackmailer has left her payoff money taped beneath the seventh row of pews. Alexa slips in, undetected, and picks up her money. Suddenly, lights flash outside the church and a cop opens the side door and scans the interior of the church with his flashlight. Alexa is hiding behind the end of the row of pews, Glock drawn until the policeman leaves and closes the door behind him. He has no idea how close he came to being eliminated.

Can’t wait to see how the filming goes! WE ARE ALL SO EXCITED!!! God is bringing it all together for us!! We are planning to use CrossLife Church in Oviedo. Their chapel, to be precise, is perfect…..HERE WE GO!!! Look for it on UTUBE – soon!!

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